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Titanium Coil Wire
  • Titanium Coil Wire

    • Application: mainly used for welding titanium alloys
    • Feature: Low density, light specific gravity, high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, non-magnetic and non-toxic
    • Temperature resistence: -196℃ to -253℃ can still maintain good ductility and toughness, avoid metal cold and brittle
    • Performance: Good thermal conductivity, low modulus of elasticity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, long service life
    • 1. Construction workers and welders should wear clean white gauze gloves (do not wear cotton gloves).
      2. The welding site must thoroughly remove surface impurities such as grease, rust and moisture.
      3. In order to prevent excessive oxidation of the surface of the weld bead during welding, a tail cover shall be added to increase the protection.
      4.Please allow small errors in the dimensions due to accidental imprecise manual measurement.

    • 1.When welding, short-arc welding should be used as much as possible, with small welding heat input, and the nozzle and the welding piece should maintain an angle of 70-80 degrees.
      2. When welding, the welding torch basically does not swing horizontally. When it needs to swing, the frequency should be low, and the swing amplitude should not be too large
      to prevent the protection of argon gas.
      3. When the arc is broken and the weld is finished, the argon gas protection should be continued until the metal in the weld and heat affected zone is cooled to below 250 °C.