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Software collection packages

Package and download the product's plug-in for all ten-high machines and devices.

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Photo for testing

RUIDA WorksV8Setup


Suitable for: 



Suitable for:


CorelLASER 2013.02.exe

CorelDRAW plug-in that helps you control your laser machine for Windows, compatible with CorelDRAW versions up to 18.

EZ CAD and Laser Marking Machine User Manual

Ezcad2 is a professional marking software launched by Golden Orange Software, I provide you with the latest official version, you need the corresponding equipment to use.

JK Series Laser Machine Installation instructions and User's Manual

Instructions for JK3020, 3050, 4040, 4060, 6090

CoreDraw12-english GY12coreldraw

coreldraw 12 Simplified Chinese is the world's very popular graphic image software.

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