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Tips:the naming rules for the device are determined by the processing area. For example: GY430, then the processing area is 400 x 300mm

GY-Standard Version


GY-430-BP  |  GY-460-BP

GY-470-BP  |  GY-690-BP

JK-Standard Version


JK-3020-BP  |  JK-3020-BP

JK-3050-BP  |  JK-4040-BP

JK-4060-BP  |

GY-Upgrade Version


GY-430-GP  |  GY-460-GP

GY-470-GP  |  GY-690-GP

JK-Upgrade Version


JK-3020-GP  |  JK-3020-GP
JK-3050-GP  |  JK-4040-GP
JK-4060-GP  |

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