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Mixed Packaging Tungsten Electrode, 10pcs
  • Mixed Packaging Tungsten Electrode, 10pcs

    • 【Packing】: 2pcs Pure Tungsten + 2pcs 2% Cerium(Grey) + 2pcs 1.5% Lanthanum(Gold) + 2pcs 2% Lanthanum(Blue)+ 2pcs 2% Thorium(Red)
    • 【SUPPLY】: Provide different type of tungsten electrode to meet your different requirements
    • 【FEATURES】: Arc stable,long time service life
    • 【PERFORMANCE】: Good electrical conductivity and small thermal expansion and high elastic modulus
    • Composite electrode features: composite electrode is added in the tungsten by two or more rare earth oxides, various additives complement each other, complement each other, make its superior welding performance.