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CO2 Glass Laser Tube 10W 380mm Length, 50mm Dia for Beauty Equipment
  • CO2 Glass Laser Tube 10W 380mm Length, 50mm Dia for Beauty Equipment

    SKU : TH-10WCO2LT380
    • 【EASY INSTALLATION】: The wire on positive pole and negative pole had been pre-installed,just connect to the wire on the machine and cover with insulating tape will be ok
    • 【APPLICATION】: This co2 laser tube used for beauty equipment ,but please make sure your machine's installation space,like the diameter and length,all should be a little bigger than laser tube's size
    • 【STRONG HEAT RESISTANCE】:The tube body is made of glass containing high borosilicate, the tube body is hard, not easy to deform, heat resistance is strong, and it is not easy to crack at high temperature,the service life can reach 1500H-2500H under normal use
    • 【STABLE OUTPUT】: Single mode output mode, fine spot, strong penetrating power, no change in long-term use spot mode
    • 【UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY】: With excellent sealed-off technology to divide air and prevent inside gas diffusion,the laser tube will be more stable and efficient.About the installation of laser tube,here is a video for your reference :
    • Specifications:
      Power: 10W (actual power 10W -15W, peak power is 15W)
      Length: 380mm( error is ±10mm)
      Tube Diameter: 50mm; Beam diameter: around 2mm
      Wavelength: 10600nm
      Input voltage: AC 200V-240V
      Working Voltage: 10KV (Trigging Voltage=16KV)
      Maximum output voltage: DC20KV
      Maximum Working Current: 10mA (normally controlled at 6mA-8mA)
      Maximum output current: DC12mA
      Service life: within three months after receiving the goods (warranty scope: non-artificial astigmatism, no light, weak light)