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CO2 600x900mm Laser Engraving Cutting Machine
  • CO2 600x900mm Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

    Bullet point:

    【INDUSTRIAL-GRADE LASER HEAD】: Precision metal mold laser head, adjustable laser energy, wear-resistance, heat resistance, red light positioning system once positioning, positioning can be seen, accurate and efficient. Blow to prevent burning during engraving, open lid with laser paused protection and water pump water cutoff protection, safer operation.

    【LEADING BRAND LASER TUBE】: The leading brand laser tube has high quality, reliable performance and durability.

    【TEMPERATURE CONTROL DISPLAY】: The cooling water temperature is always displayed,safe and convenient.

    【CNC DISPLAY PANEL】: Simple buttons, digital display, and visual operation.

    【HIGH-POWER AXIAL FAN】: Excellent suction effect, high speed, low noise, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation treatment.




    • We will provide a safe and reliable packaging, the damages in the transport link will be compensated and replaced by our part.
    • We don't provide CorelDRAW, so make sure that you have installed the right version.
    • Due to the large volume of the goods and wooden box packaging,the purchaser is required to provide the company name (customs requirements).



    Communication Interface: USB port

    Laser Type: CO2 Gas


    Engraving Area: 600x900mm

    Automatic lifting height: 300mm

    Laser Power:

    60W AC110V / 60Hz

    80W AC110V / 60Hz,

    100W AC110V / 60Hz,

    Engraving Speed: BP0-500mm/s 

    Cutting Speed: BP0-30mm/s  

    Cutting/Engraving accuracy:0.15mm

    Cutting Thickness: 60W  10mm (Acrylic)

                                           80W  11mm (Acrylic)

                                           100W 12mm (Acrylic)

    Carving Depth:0-2mm (according to the material)

    Resolution Ratio: BP1000dpi  

    Plugin: CorelLASER / LaserDRW


    System: BP best for WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 32-bit, also suitable for 64-bit



    Machine size:

    BP:60W: 1320 * 900 * 1050mm

    80W: 1320 * 900 * 1050mm

    100W: 1520 * 900 * 1050mm


    Net Weight: 

    BP:60W:230kg / 80W: 230kg / 100W: 240kg



    Accessory parameters:

    Laser Tube:

    60W L1200mm D55mm

    80W L1250mm D80mm

    100W L1400mm D80mm

    Focal Lens: 18mm/50.8mm

    Reflection Mirror: MO. 20mm








    Precision metal mold laser head, adjustable laser energy, wear resistant, heat resistant.


    Red light positioning system, once positioned successfully, positioning is visible, accurate and efficient.


    CNC display panel, simple buttons, digital display and visual operation.


    Electric automatic lifting system,convenient and efficient, easy to operate.


    Application: Seal engraving, advertisement, art gift, garment, leather, toy, building upholster, computerized embroidery, packing, printing, paper product, garments sampling, etc.

    Engraving Materials---Matched: Acrylic, wood, PVC, leather, glass, double color plate, plastic, silica gel, ox horn, felt, resin, etc.

    Machine use questions welcome to ask the online service.

    • Warranty period

      This product is guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase (except for consumables). Consumables include lenses and laser tubes. 40-50W laser tube Warranty for 4 months; 60W and above Warranty for 10 months; Lens Warranty for 4 months.

      Warranty Terms

      This warranty is based on the products sold by TEN-HIGH. During the warranty period, If the machine malfunctions, you can enjoy the company's free warranty service in accordance with the contents of this warranty. In the following cases, you are not entitled to free warranty service, Charges are subject to availability:

      (1) exceeding the warranty period and Repair service caused by non-equipment quality;

      (2) Damage caused by smoke dust, chemicals and other similar factors.

      (3) Disassembling, renovating or repairing the product without the consent of our company;

      (4) Failure to operate in accordance with the items specified in the "Instructions for Use" (eg grounding, etc.).

      (5) Damage caused by disassembly and repair of the maintenance department not designated by the company.



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