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TEN-HIGH Ball Screw CNC Parts SFU with Nut (No End Processing)
  • TEN-HIGH Ball Screw CNC Parts SFU with Nut (No End Processing)

    • Ball screw diameter: 40mm; Lead: 10mm; Total length: 2000mm
    • High service life time due to low friction; low operation noise
    • No stick-slip effect, heats up less, reduced drive power required
    • High static and dynamic stiffness,high and more accurate positioning
    • This ball screw has no end processing,ball screw is a commonly used transmission element in precision machines
    • Application:
      Ball screws are used in automobile power steering to translate rotary motion from an electric motor to axial motion of the steering rack.
      Because its small friction drag,They are also used in machine tools, robots and precision assembly equipment.
      High precision ball screws are used in steppers for semiconductor manufacturing.

      Manufacturing Process:Rolled Thread
      Precision:C7 Grade
      Material:GCr15 steel
      This item include:
      1Pcs Ballscrew SFU1204 RM1204 12mm 100mm
      1pcs NUT

      Custom lengths:
      We can cut any length that you want, and please let us know for what length are suitable for you then we will check the total costs for you as soon as possible.
      If you are need to according to your drawings end machining, please tell us before order