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Panasonic Servo Motor Driver A6 Set(MSMF 750W)
  • Panasonic Servo Motor Driver A6 Set(MSMF 750W)

    Motor Model: MSMF082L1U1

    Drive Model: MCDLT35SF
    Brand: Panasonic
    Place of Origin: Mainland China
    Installation method: flange installation
    Specification: MSMF 750W motor + A6SF drive
    Package weight: 7kg
    Size: 50x165cm
    Protection level: IP65
    Rated voltage: 220V(Voltage transformer can be attached)
    Encoder type: absolute value/incremental gear
    Material: steel
    Rated torque: 1N·m
    Working environment temperature: 65℃
    Excitation method: permanent magnet
    Rotation angle: 360 degrees
    Rated current: 1A
    Rated speed: 3000rpm
    Shaft end specifications: with keyway

    • Ambient temperature: 0˚C to 55˚C (free from freezing)
      Storage temperature: –20˚C to 65˚C (Max. temperature guarantee: 80 ˚C for 72 hours free from