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300mm×400mm water-cooled CNC engraving machine with USB interface
  • 300mm×400mm water-cooled CNC engraving machine with USB interface

    • Effective Working Travel:300(X) * 400(Y) * 80(Z) mm.
    • This CNC engraving machine can work with various materials, such as: wood, plastic, agate, jade, shells, amber, stone, tooth, bamboo, acrylic, plexiglass, MDF board, PVC, bones, etc.
    • Adopt high quality ball screw, make sure workpiece process have high precision and efficiency;With streamlined gantry design, the machine is Stable and beautiful.
    • This one is equiped with USB port, support different kind of systems (32bit and 64bit, both computer and laptop).
    • Control Software: Mach3, Compatibale File Format: Mach3/TYPE5/MasterCAM/CDR/UG/ARTCAM/Coppercam/CAD/CAM/WENTAI/JINGDIAO ETC.
    • "1, scope of application: mainly used for PVC, acrylic, organic glass, two-color plate, engineering plastic, bakelite, solid wood, etc. and soft metal materials (gold, silver, copper, aluminum, aluminum alloy) on the carving and milling, graphite electrode processing, also suitable for carving PCB circuit boards / drilling, on behalf of wood model molds, crafts, can be in no more than limited specifications of plastic boxes, aluminum alloy chassis, panels on the hole milling, but also With a low feed rate to aluminum, copper and other metal materials for three-dimensional carving and drilling and milling processing; it can also be used as a simple three-dimensional CNC table, such as test carving, CNC dispensing, CNC positioning, metal (nameplate) marking and other applications.
      2, carving (cutting) thickness: for acrylic and other materials of similar density, if the length of the blade is 10mm, can be cut and carved thickness of 10mm (need to repeat carving and cutting, single carving and cutting control of the depth of entry 1-2mm); for soft metal (gold, silver, copper, aluminum) cutting and carving, it is recommended that a single carving and cutting control of the depth of entry of 0.05mm- 0.1mm.
      3, carving (cutting) speed: spindle operating speed of 24000r / min.
      4, engraving (cutting) accuracy: ± 0.03 to ± 0.1mm
      5, repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.02 to ±0.05mm"

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