TEN-HIGH CO2 Laser Machine 1000x600mm with Small Desktop, Offline Version
  • TEN-HIGH CO2 Laser Machine 1000x600mm with Small Desktop, Offline Version

    • 【Application】Capable to mark on most NON-metal materials such as bamboo, leather, wood, acrylic, plastics, glass, cloth, paper etc.Engraving and Cutting function,especially used for cutting.
    • 【Electric lifting platform&Visual panel】Optional automatic lift platform system, support red positioning,dynamic display of trajectories and coordinate points of real-time process. Offline display control panel, 3.5-inch visualization large-screen LCD display, multi-function operation button, easy to operate.
    • 【Upgraded】: Upgraded version's onboard NIC has 256 MB memory, can run independently without PC, support USB2.0 interface, can read and write files with U disk, work more stable, convenient for multitudinous engraving/cutting production. Compared to standard version, this one has faster running speed, better power system and control panel.
    • 【Power off memory function】: Perfect continues engraving function. The machine can achieve the follow-up engraving function after power off, it would start engraving from the point stopped before, won't repeat when supply power again, save time, and also protect material from damage.
    • 【Larger working area&Laser tube】: Engraving area: 23.62" x 39.37".Higher lifting height, less height limit to engraved material.The leading brand laser tube has high quality, reliable performance and durability.
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      · We will provide LaserworkV8 software,and it can also used as a plugin that when you want to use CorelDraw(version 12-X7 ) or AutoCad(version 2004-2010),so make sure that you have installed the right software version(CorelDraw or AutoCad).

      · The machine cover with laser suspension protection system, when the cover is opened, the laser will stop emitting, it is more safe to operate the machine

      · Important note: If you are not sure whether the machine can meet your needs,please tell us the material and thickness you want to engrave or cut,it will better if you can provide a sample pic,we will use the machine to engrave or cut the sample according to your requirement and send you pic or video,then you can know whether you ordered the right machine,it"s good for both of us,save time and money,win-win cooperation.




      • Communication Interface: USB port
      • Laser Type: 90W CO2 Gas
      • Wavelength: 10.64um
      • Engraving Area: 600x900mm
      • Electric lifting height: 200mm
      • Engraving Speed: 0-1000mm/s
      • Cutting Speed: 0-600mm/s
      • Line width: 0.05mm
      • Carving Depth: 0-2mm (depend on the material)
      • Resolution Ratio: 1500dpi
      • Plugin: LaserworkV8
      • Machine size:  1530 * 1000 * 590mm
      • Net Weight: 135kg
      • Cutting Thickness: 0-13mm (Acrylic)
      • System: WIN7/WIN8/XP 32-bit/64-bit (Does not support WIN10)


      Accessory parameters:


      • Laser Tube: 90W L1200mm, Dia 80mm
      • Focal Lens: Diameter 12mm, focal length 50.8mm
      • Reflection Mirror: MO. 20mm
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