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Air Compressor Hose,Air Pump High Pressure PU Air Line Hose with Compressor Hose
  • Air Compressor Hose,Air Pump High Pressure PU Air Line Hose with Compressor Hose

    • Product name: pneumatic air hose; Material: polyurethane; Working pressure≤10kg/cm2; Connectors: SP40+PP40
    • Temperature range: -30°c~70°c;tensile strength: 400kgf/cm2; wear resistance: 35mg; tearstrength:110kg/cm2
    • External diameter: 12mm(Approx. 0.472"); internal diameter: 8mm(Approx. 0.315"); wall thickness: 2mm(0.0787")
    • Application: suitable for assembling pneumatic tools, pneumatic automatic machinery, air compressor and connecting all kinds of pneumatic components, etc.
    • 1. High pressure pipe, high temperature resistant, cold resistant,wear resistant,tear resistant;
      2. Excellent flexibility,resistance to twists, less bending radius, resistance to bending;
      3. Strong elasticity, high elastic recovery memory effect;
      4. Resistant to some non-corrosive chemicals and oils;
      5. Good damping, smooth inner wall, low friction coefficient and high medium passing ability;
      6. Good flame retardancy, non-toxic and tasteless.

    • The air hose is only suitable for compressed air, common industrial water, non-corrosive oils, and should be stored in a dry, sun-free place.
      The air tube must not be used above the specified maximum pressure. The increase in pressure should be gradually carried out and prevent excessive shocks.
      The air line hose shall not be used at temperatures outside the specified temperature range. If the ambient temperature exceeds 70°c,
      the outer layer of the trachea shall be insulated.
      The compressor hose must not be used in a twisted, stretched or squeezed state.