TEN-HIGH CO2 Glass Laser Tube Red Heart Coating Tube for Laser Engraving Cutting
  • TEN-HIGH CO2 Glass Laser Tube Red Heart Coating Tube for Laser Engraving Cutting

    • 【SPECIAL COATING TECHNOLOGY】: This CO2 laser tube adopt inner discharge tube coated with nanogold catalyst technology, power is 10% improved, and service life is 20% longer than ordinary laser tube,better chooice for the people who has heavy workload and long working hours
    • 【APPLICATION】: This co2 laser tube compatible with all the co2 laser engraving and cutting machine that used laser tube as power,but please make sure your machine's installation space,like the diameter and length,all should be a little bigger than laser tube's size
    • 【METAL HEAD】: With metal head,it is not easy to crack like the glass head style and the screw connection lead is convenient to connect the wire when installation
    • 【DURABLE】: Made by glass which contains 80% quartz , the tube is solid and durable,the service life can reach 2500H-3500H under normal use
    • 【STABLE OUTPUT】: With excellent sealed-off technology to divide air and prevent inside gas diffusion, the laser tube has very stable output power and good spot mode.About the installation of laser tube,here is a video for your reference : https://youtu.be/mbwYveQZPZ8.
    • DETAIL

      Power: 50W (actual power 50W -60W, peak power is 65W)
      Length: 850mm( error is ±10mm)
      Tube Diameter: 50mm; Beam diameter: around 3-4mm
      Wavelength: 10600nm
      Input voltage: AC 200V-240V
      Working Voltage: 17KV (Trigging Voltage=23KV)
      Maximum output voltage: DC25KV
      Maximum Working Current: 18mA (normally controlled at 12mA-15mA)
      Maximum output current: DC20mA
      Service life: 2500H-3500H(under normal use)

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