TEN-HIGH CO2  300x400mm Laser Engraving Cutting Machine
  • TEN-HIGH CO2 300x400mm Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

    SKU : TH-GF-D20-F190
    • 【UPGRADED】: After the upgrade of product,new function that pass stuff front-end is added,new experience.
    • 【INDUSTRIAL-GRADE LASER HEAD】: Precision metal mold laser head, adjustable laser energy, wear-resistance, heat resistance, red light positioning system once positioning, positioning can be seen, accurate and efficient.
    • 【LEADING BRAND LASER TUBE】: The leading brand laser tube has high quality, reliable performance and durability.
    • 【CNC DISPLAY PANEL】: Simple buttons, digital display, and visual operation.
    • 【HIGH-POWER AXIAL FAN】: Excellent suction effect, high speed, low noise, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation treatment.



    Communication Interface: USB port/Engraving Speed: 0-500mm/s

    Laser Type:CO2 Gas/Cutting Speed: 0-30mm/s

    Engraving Area:400x300mm/Resolution Ratio: 1000dpi

    Automatic lifting height:150mm/Cutting Thickness: 4mm(Acrylic)

    Laser Power: 40W AC110V/ 60Hz/Wavelength:10.64um

    Cutting/Engraving accuracy:0.15mm/Net Weight: 60kg

    Carving Depth:0-2mm(depend on the material)

    Machine size: 920 * 640 * 460mm

    Plugins: LaserDRW/CorelLASER

    System: best for WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 32-bit, also suitable for 64-bit

    • DETAIL

      Accessory parameters:

      Laser Tube: 40W L700mm D50mm

      Focal Lens: DIA.18mm/Focal Length 50.8mm

      Reflection Mirror: MO. 20mm


      Application: Seal engraving, advertisement, art gift, garment, leather, toy, building upholster, computerized embroidery, packing, printing, paper product, garments sampling, etc.

      Engraving Materials---Matched: Acrylic, wood, PVC, leather, glass, double color plate, plastic, silica gel, ox horn, felt, resin, etc.


      Machine Maintenance:

      1. Mechanical parts (rails, etc.): There is no specific time limit for the lubrication of the mechanical parts (reasonable maintenance according to the use of the machine). If engraving and cutting materials what are corrosive or easy to produce dust, it is recommended to lubricate the parts after each use of the machine. If engraving and cutting the wood materials, the parts can be lubricated every 2 weeks (apply lubricant with linen, avoid Direct contact by hands, normal car lubricants can be used).

      2. Lens: If engraving and cutting materials what are corrosive or easy to produce dust, Clean the lens after each use of the machine. If engraving and cutting the wood materials, the lens can be clean every 2 weeks. Please clean it with cotton swab and stick alcohol. When wiping the lens, pay attention to check if there are any scratches on the lens or if the reflective film falls off. (Regularly Cleaning)

      3. Laser tube: The laser tube cooling water should be enough, at least 15 liters of water, keep the water cold and cycle it often. Change water every 2 weeks in Summer (Water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees in summer, can put ice in the water to cool down); Change water every 1 month in Winter (be careful not to let the water freeze in winter); When the machine power is high, need to keep the water clean. Before the machine starts working, be sure to Check whether the laser tube through the water normally, otherwise the laser tube will be damaged.

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